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4 min readJan 17, 2022


2021 was a year marked with a lot of anxiety, confusion, and chaos, primarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all of this, it was also the year that we saw the metaverse, decentralization, and play-to-earn take centerstage. As the pandemic turned traditional and legacy systems upside down, people were forced to look for alternative sources of income, community, and entertainment.

Our mission has never been more relevant than today. This is why the OP Games team doubled and relentlessly pursued our mission of empowering and enabling game developers to create sustainable economies using Web 3.0.

Here are some of our highlights for 2021:

  • Supported independent developers, artists, and NFT projects looking to scale through a donation of $300,000 to NFT and Gaming Communities such as nfDAO, Crypto Pop Art Guild, and JS13KGames.
  • Supported Open Source Game Engines with a donation of $300,000 to top open source software Phaser, Defold, Godot, and Blender.
  • In partnership with YGG, accelerated indie publishers onto the blockchain through the launch of publishing arm GM Frens.

The funds for the donations were raised from the Arcadians NFT sale in November where we minted over 3,500 Arcadian NFT Avatars for our community.

These are the Avatars they can use to play the current and future games that will be onboarded to the Arcadia metaverse. As of this writing, there are now 10 games that our community can enjoy on Arcadia including Flip Flop, Connection, and Proxx.

2022 Games Roadmap

OP Games aims to support over 500 games on Arcadia. That’s 500 new games that will open up so many opportunities for game developers and gamers alike around the world. Below are some updates on the upcoming titles:

Happy Lander

We’re extremely excited to onboard Happy Lander and their roster of games developed specifically for mobile web. Arcadia welcomes their games that are optimized to play well on a wide range of device and browser combinations.

Roomba Wars

Collect the most coins and dirt or knock out all enemies in the room. May the best Roomba win!

Shortcut Run

Race through this challenging obstacle course with a twist by gathering as much gas as you can! Keep an eye out for updates as we integrate Arcadians avatars to Shortcut Run.

Arcadeum Arena (formerly Avatar Battler)

Arcadeum Arena is a competitive auto-battler set in the Arcadian universe. Send your Arcadians against other players’ squads and watch them fight, set up the perfect defensive squad against attackers, and earn Battle Points with each win to rule the leaderboard!

There are more games on the way and the team will post updates at the soonest.

Continued Support for Game Developer Community

OP Games will continue to support game developer communities this year. This includes the following:

  • Build composable open-source game legos enabling game developers to seamlessly onboard to Web 3.0. These include loading NFTs into games, deploying games to decentralized storage, creating tournaments, and more.
  • Working with Game7 and other industry partners to do a bigger fundraising for open-source engines and tools, using retroactive public goods funding.
  • Organizing hackathons with gaming and Web 3.0 communities like JS13KGames, verses, and Kernel Gaming Guild.
  • Participating in Web 3.0 and game developer conferences such as EthDenver 2022, GDC 2022, and more.

OP Games Continues to Grow

2021 was the year where the team steadily built up its roster with world class talent to support our goal of empowering more game developers for Web 3.0.

Here’s a snapshot of the growing OP Games team:

The last year was incredibly challenging, fun, and meaningful. The team looks forward to seeing through the growth of the project and we hope you will also come on board for the ride.

About OP Games

OP Games is a multi-chain gaming platform currently being built on Polygon, Ethereum and NEAR Protocol. The project aims to create a new gaming ecosystem centered on community-driven Web 3.0 games. OP Games aims to help developers monetize their work via enhanced discovery, supportive community, and decentralized finance products. Players will enjoy a varied, self-curated gaming experience through novel usage of all available technologies including non-fungible tokens and decentralized autonomous organizations.

OP Games raised $8.6m from leading blockchain venture capital firms in funding in 2021 to bridge game developers to Web 3.0. This included Republic Crypto, Ascensive Assets, Morningstar Venture, Mechanism Capital, Polygon Studios, Bitcoin.com, Mentha Partners, OKex Blockdream Ventures, SevenX Ventures, DeFi Alliance and more.



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