OPGames NFTs: Community-Owned NFTs for HTML5 Game Developers

Reclaiming Power Back to Game Creators

“The Pioneers” collection. Our pilot NFT drops which are exclusively available on Paras.id
Gamedev.js 2021 Game Developer Survey
Game3js.com, an open-source framework to make Web 3.0 games
Etherplay’s Conquest.Eth
FeatureKreep’s Flip Flop
Enclave Games’ Forest Cuties
A Fully Open-Source and Decentralized Snake Game by @ealmario, air-dropped as an NFT to our early supporters

They will need to provide more meaning in people’s lives than just being a vehicle for intrusive ads and forced in-app purchases.

OPGames will continue building towards this future, and Game3.js GR10 version is just one step in this epic journey.

Ethbot dance from @kamvanc

About OPGames

OPGames enables developers and the community to own, run, and monetize games as a collective. Through OPGames’ suite of tools and SDK, developers can turn entire HTML5 games into fractionalized NFTs offered to the public as investable assets. Founded in 2018 by gaming veterans, OPGames’ seeks to lower down the barrier to game ownership.



Creating competitive community-owned games

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