OP Games Partners with $500M Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem Game7

OP Games
1 min readNov 22, 2021
OP Games joins as a partner of Game7, a $500M blockchain gaming organization that will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in the $180B gaming industry. Full proposal: here.

OP Games has joined Game7 — a $500M blockchain gaming ecosystem DAO that seeks to intersect gaming with blockchain.

The initiative is led by community partners including BitDAO, Forte, Alameda Research, and Mirana Ventures. OP Games joins Game7’s roster of organizational partners which include: Warner Music Group, Aleo, Avalanche, Interchain Foundation, Offchain Labs, Polygon Studios, and Solana Ventures.

This partnerships strengthens OP Games’ commitment to support and cultivate the future of blockchain and gaming. Together with Game7’s grants program, we seek to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology within the gaming industry.

Gaming has grown to a $180B industry annually — more than the film and music industries combined. Gaming communities have become an essential part of the overall entertainment experience. Despite large investments of time and money into the games they play, gaming communities never truly own the items, characters, or achievements they earn. Blockchain and Web3 technology will fundamentally transform the gaming industry by providing more transparent and equitable economic and social systems for all participants, and allow them to have true asset ownership and portability of the virtual goods they purchase.

Additional individual support includes: Aron Beierschmitt, BoredElonMusk, DeFi Vader, Gmoney, and Jerome Collin.