Celebrating 5 Years of Web3 Innovation: The OP Games Story

OP Games
4 min readMar 6, 2023
OP Games 5-Year Anniversary 🎉

OP Games is turning five this March 7th, marking a significant milestone for the company and the Web3 gaming industry as a whole. Originally founded by Chase Freo and Paul Gadi, the company has come a long way since its early beginnings.

The Building Blocks of OP Games

Through the years, OP Games has championed the values of open source, interoperability, and composability within the blockchain. This is why the team focused on developing Game Legos: foundational blocks of code which are designed to be plugged in by developers to their projects to create something new.

The “new” can be games, characters, levels, or even an engine as Game Legos are envisioned to help populate the Web3 gaming industry with innovations from developers big and small.

The Way of Receiving and Giving

To be able to make this possible, the company has raised 8.6 million US Dollars in seed funding to create, build, and innovate. Plus, with our reputable founders, OP Games is connected with amazing projects such as Yield Guild Games, Game7, Gitcoin, and more to collaborate in transforming the current landscape of Web3 games.

With all this said and done, OP Games launched the Arcadians NFT project in October 2021, which minted over 3000 NFTs. And a fun fact, Arcadians are also designed to be Game Legos! Furthermore, to show our dedication to progressing the space together as one; OP Games donated 300,000 US Dollars of the Arcadians NFT proceeds to Open Source Gaming Engines such as Blender, Defold, Godot, and Phaser.

An Arcade of the New Era: Arcadia

Moreover, one of OP Games’ significant accomplishments is the development of Arcadia, a Web3 gaming arcade that brings instant games to everyone. Reminiscent of the Newgrounds and Y8s of the early 2000s, Arcadia features several hypercasual titles developed by indie developers, both pioneers and newcomers to the blockchain.

OP Games is helping these indie developers find their player base by utilizing Arcadia as a launchpad and connecting to our core community members and partner projects. This also enables developers to gather direct feedback from their players to allow them to improve their games further.

Furthermore, OP Games is running regular tournaments with crypto-payouts in Arcadia for community members. Giving the player base incentive to try these games out firsthand and even encouraging them to become active contributors whether it’s through critique, reviews, or bug reporting!

The Constant Cycle of Development

Different OP Games Teams are coming together to create ARCADIA!

As with any industry, OP Games has faced challenges along the way, whether it’s gaps in technology, economic situations, and even human interference. However, it’s a testament to the team’s commitment to Web3 gaming that we’ve continued to develop and grow despite these challenges.

When the crypto winter hit, OP Games did not give up as several projects did; instead, we kept our heads down and continued to build features that we’re releasing as we speak. The company scaled on its development of games, community building, and marketing efforts to be productive as we wait for the next bull run.

There were even times when players attempt to break the rules. However, the company overcame these challenges with better systems in place. OP Games continuously develops and improves Arcadia, including partnering with more developers to bring more games into Web3.

A Future Built and Developed

As OP Games celebrates its fifth anniversary, we look back on a fruitful half a decade of small steps, big leaps, and bridges built. And although the team has already achieved key points within our roadmap, we are constantly expanding what we bring to the table for developers and what we can offer to our community.

We are immensely proud of Arcadia as it is now but we still look forward to when we finally fulfill the Arcadia the team has envisioned.

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