Arcadia: The Bad, The Ugly, and The Future

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4 min readDec 19, 2022

-- and representative players with prizes!

Here in OP Games, we value the competitive spirit of gamers. When we set out to build Arcadia, it was envisioned with the developers and community at the forefront; this is why we are actively creating opportunities for both creators and players to interact, have ownership, and reap benefit from Arcadia whether it’s through our speaking events, hackathons, or our regular tournaments.

We’re continuously utilizing blockchain technology to improve and shape Arcadia into a place where developers can release the games to a community who has a stake in them, making it a mutually beneficial relationship. This is why we believe NFTs and other digital assets have so much potential to revolutionize gaming as we know it today.

The Bad

As we continue to innovate Arcadia, we put our trust in our community members just as they trust us to build Arcadia to reach its full potential. Our Game Nights were a little showcase of Arcadia and what it can bring to the table in terms of online gaming and Web 3 integration. It was a way to bring the community together through friendly competition where everyone was on equal footing.

However, recently, one of our top community members was discovered to be an exploiter of a loophole and broke one of our core rules which was: no to multiple accounts. As Arcadia’s prizes were cryptocurrency or NFTs, we wanted to avoid one person monopolizing the prizes that were meant for the whole community.

Thumbs down Arcadian sticker

The team immediately launched into action by tracing the user’s history and swiftly made the decision to ban them from Arcadia entirely. It saddens us to do so with a valued player who contributed to the growth of the project but rules are rules. We put them there for a reason and we will enforce them as necessary.

The Ugly

A Wild Bear Market Has Appeared! Arcadian Knight squares up to fight a cybernetic bear.

Anyone in blockchain this 2022 can attest to the stream of constant negative news because of the opportunistic few who sought to reap their own personal benefits at the cost of others. Although it’s unpleasant for us to be in this situation, we will use it as a learning opportunity to make a stronger and better Arcadia for those who believe in us and support us.

We sincerely apologize if this instance of cheating has added to the unfortunate events in the space within the year for our community members. But rest assured that we are taking the necessary steps to amend this situation for all those involved.

This instance shows that Arcadia is not foolproof…yet. There are still areas that need improvement such as: more ways to detect exploiters and cheaters, instantaneous prize distribution (already in the works), and adding more features to Arcadia to diversify play. And the team is aware of this and are already on those said improvements.

Furthermore, the gaming industry has its share of dealing with cheaters and exploiters. It’s how both the game creators and community members rise up against these individuals that makes all the difference.

The Future

We, the OP Games team, will not be deterred in creating an environment where community-owned games can thrive and provide the opportunities to those who deserve it. It cannot be understated how much the team does to build out the Arcadia we envisioned for everyone.

Arcadians and a player discovering a bag of goodies!

Arcadia will come back stronger than ever and with the innovations suggested by our community members and from our learnings this past year. The community plays a vital role for Arcadia to succeed and that’s why all the actions we do can be traced back to the community’s needs. Do continue to send us feedback that will help us progress Arcadia!

This is but a minor setback in our road to bettering Arcadia.

About OP Games

OP Games is building a platform and toolbox that provides a rewarding competitive experience for players, and an easy transition into Web3 for game developers. With Arcadia and our Game Legos at hand, we are ushering in a new wave of disruptive games that we believe will truly shake up the scene. Developers, creators, fans, and players can all find a home at OP Games and we strive to continue providing an inclusive space for everyone. Through our platform, tools, and next level player economy, everyone can find something that’s for them at OP Games.

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