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Developments and Progress within the Dip

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4 min readJun 6, 2022
Arcadia by OP Games

Web 3 has seen significant adoption this year despite the recent market turbulence. Although, prospects of a lingering bear market has led many aspiring and established projects alike to begin pumping the brakes on development. The team at OP Games is taking a totally different approach to the challenges ahead. In fact, we’re continuing to march forward and plan to use this time to continue building Arcadia with more purpose than ever.

Bear markets are nothing new for OP Games, the team has weathered two in the past and is fully prepared to continue on as those around us slow down. Thanks to our modest exposure and keen eye for risk management, we’ve been able to maintain a runway that will allow us to comfortably “build the dip”.

A Growing Collection 📚

Arcadia’s Game Roster (40 games)

This year OP Games has bridged the gap for an increasing number of game developers aspiring to build in Web3. Through the use of our Game Legos and partnered Accelerator Program, we’ve helped enable devs to onboard over 30 games just within the past 3 months. At OP Games all roads lead to Arcadia, and through our platform, we’ve grown our total game arsenal to 41 titles. In addition to our recent releases, we have a slew of new titles set to go live in Arcadia before the end of the year.

Arcadia’s growth has culminated in a varied array of games, from ultra-casual to competitive, straightforward to strategic. Keeping a diverse developer network has ensured there always is a little something for everyone within Arcadia. Bringing titles to life with our Game Legos SDK allows for in-game NFTs, “on-chain” tournaments, and endless Web3 possibilities. Classic and advanced games alike are introduced to an entirely new universe through Arcadia. Our recently released World Paper gives a deeper look into the Arcadia universe and developments on the horizon.

To keep Arcadia brimming with new releases, we’ve recently launched a sandbox tool to expedite the development process and help developers quickly onboard their games. Similar to a code compiler, our sandbox feature utilizes real-time feedback and integration prompts to provide developers with a more accessible avenue into Arcadia. We’ve been eager to add the sandbox tool to our already loaded toolbelt, and we are looking forward to seeing all of the Web3 creations it will help spawn.

An Evolving Arcade 🏆

Arcadia is growing!

Arcadia is building tremendous momentum, and the team believes our new evolved tournament feature will truly shake up Web3. We couldn’t be more excited to begin allowing players in Arcadia to host their own in-game Tournaments! Our tournament feature was originally birthed as an internal tool, and it is incredible now to see how far it’s come. When implemented, players will be able to select games in Arcadia and configure their own customizable tournament. After the tournament has been created, it becomes available in Arcadia allowing other players to buy-in and join. Tournament participants track their in-game score and ranking through an integrated real-time leaderboard. At the tournament’s end, the predetermined pay-out percentages are routed via smart contract based on the final outcome. We can’t wait to see competitive tournaments begin to sprout from our growing community. The entire team would like to wish everyone luck in their future Web3 battles.

In support of our tournament feature, we are growing our network and branching out to an increasing number of guilds and external communities to bring them into the fold. Work is currently underway on guild leaderboards and a guild vs. guild tournament feature. Additionally, our Leaderboard SDK is expanding to allow for external publishing and tracking. This broadens our social reach, allowing participating tournament players to post and monitor their Arcadia leaderboard status within their desired platform.

To mark this exciting new transition, the team is moving the Alpha site into production. We will have more news on this transition in the near future. For now, we can tell you that the entire arcade will undergo a complete visual re-haul. UI and UX features will change the face of Arcadia to promote a clean and user-friendly interface. Additionally, the tournament creator will feature an easy to use UX flow, opening the door for anyone to jump in and participate in one of the most exciting features Web3 has to offer

About OP Games 🕵️

OP Games is building a platform and toolbox that provides a rewarding competitive experience for players, and an easy transition into Web3 for game developers. With Arcadia and our Game Legos at hand, we are ushering in a new wave of disruptive games that we believe will truly shake up the scene. Developers, creators, fans, and players can all find a home at OP Games and we strive to continue providing an inclusive space for everyone. Through our platform, tools, and next level player economy, everyone can find something that’s for them at OP Games.

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