Web 3 Round Table Ep. 1: Gaming Now vs Gaming in Web 3

OP Games
3 min readJan 24, 2022

OP Games has just launched a new initiative on Twitter!

By utilizing Twitter Spaces, we bring you the Web 3 Round Table, a place where we bring up important topics in #Web3, hear your thoughts on it, and together — we’ll dive deeper.

OP Games founders, Paul and Chase, kicked off the discussion with their thoughts on how Web 3 differs from the state of the internet that we know today.

Paul: In Web 2, the games are mostly built around the attention economy where the focus is around data and attention. In Web 2, our data is the “oil” in the current economy. The lens that we should use when looking at the difference between games now versus games then is that Web 2 was all about the internet of data while Web 3 is all about the internet of money. As game developers and players, where do we fit in that space?

The attention economy optimized games towards closed ecosystems and loot boxes — designed to keep players playing forever.

We’re in the space as technologists where we can define what can be done using that technology and it’s on us that we see through the games we want created.

Chase: When you look at Web 2 games it’s very extractive. Basically, you play a game, and you put your time, money, and effort in playing that game. What you derive back is entertainment and fun. With Web 3, it’s something more –you have a level of financialization that goes back to the players. I think it’s one of those things we’d have to look into. How do we properly create those incentives? How do we make it as inclusive as possible? It’s still pretty early and play-to-earn is just one of the many, many things that Web 3 can enable.

In Web 2, value is extracted every step of the way. We are at a point in history where we can define value however we want, and optimize it towards what we believe are more important.

OP Games advisor and Enclave Games studio founder, Andrzej Mazur, was also one of the speakers during the Twitter space. He shared the pain points of independent game creators and how Web 3 could potentially solve them.

Andrzej: On the topic of earning money from games, right now if you choose IOS or other mobile app stores you have to comply with their rules. If you want to make money from your games on the web, most of the options revolve around adverts. So, as a game developer, you have to put adverts and sell data of the users to earn money.

What Web 3 can bring is both a way to earn money properly and to connect and have a direct relationship with the community of players. The upcoming years will be great for exploring various opportunities to earn money and connect to the community.

Paul: All of this is still very early. We invite game developers and players to take part and shape how Web 3 is being created.

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