Arcadians NFT: Launching on October 20, 9PM EST

The time has come. Arcadians will be officially launching tomorrow, October 20, 9PM EST. Pre-sale minting for whitelisted members of the community will be tonight, October 19, 9PM EST. Since the launch is coming up, here are some crucial information you must know:

Who are the Arcadians?
Arcadians is a collection of 10,000 unique avatars that draws elements from our favorite arcade games. ETH raised through this avatar drop will be used to fund game developers, NFT communities, and a Web 3.0 accelerator program.

How can I get an Arcadians avatar?
Mint your Arcadian via our website at

Who is behind the project?
Arcadians is backed by blockchain gaming company, OPGames. We seek to grow the open-source Web 3.0 community by bringing gamers, game creators, and Arcadians NFT holders together.

When can I buy an Arcadian?
Presale starts on October 19, 9PM EST. Public sale starts on October 20, 9pm EST.

How many Arcadians will there be?
Ten thousand (10,000).

How much is mint price?
0.055 ETH.

What blockchain will Arcadians live on?
Ethereum Mainnet.

Why are the Arcadians valuable? What can we do with our Arcadians?

Arcadians are valuable because they’re composable and created to have games built on top of them, similar to the Loot Project. This is what we are doing with the OP Arcade, something we refer to as game legos. In the context of Web 3.0, legos are like these small pieces of code that developers can build on top of each other to create bigger experiences. The Arcadians will be the genesis NFT of the OP Games Metaverse, a place of endless possibilities. Your Arcadians will not only have traits and abilities you can level up in a game setting but also provide you with ever-increasing utility in a world that continues to expand and be built by all of YOU, the community.

What sets the Arcadians apart from other NFTs?

a) What sets us apart from 90% of NFTs is the fact that these Arcadians are created by a legitimate gaming company with a full, experienced and professional team turning the screws. We have significant backing from a couple venture funds and we are only growing the family further to realize our goal. We are also all completely non-anonymous. We are reachable and accountable. What does all of this mean to holders and members of the Arcadian Community? Long term value and utility. This is our career. We’re in it for the long haul and this is just the beginning.

b) All proceeds from the Arcadians sale will go into funding game developers and the DAOs and open-source game engines that will help build the open metaverse.

c) The Arcadians will be the genesis NFTs of the OPGames Metaverse with utility far exceeding your typical PFP. They will be characters in the OP Arcade and be usable across games built by OPGames’ partner developers.

What are the plans for the OPGames Metaverse?

When we talk about the OPGames Arcade Metaverse, we imagine what it looked like for us to just play games back in the day and marry this nostalgia with the technologies of Web 3.0. We’re draw inspiration from other platforms that went before us like Kongregate or New Grounds which used to be Flash game portals — those were the early versions of what OP Arcade aims to be. We are building a world where game creators, gamers, partner developers, and the community as a whole can really co-create and interact with each other in meaningful ways. This is what Web 3.0 allows us to do.

Why the focus on web3 gaming?

If you’re building on Web 3.0, it’s good to take a look at philosophies because to us, Web 3.0 allows us to create and build technology with a humanist view. With web 2, sometimes games may be free-to-play but it’s not really free. You’re paying with time and attention, participating in a casino-like environment, bombarded with in-app purchases and not getting any compensation in return. Almost everything is taken by the platforms and by the developers. But this time around, the evolution of Web 3.0 would tilt into the middle between developers, creatives, and communities because each one of these people would start adding value to create a better gaming experience. We want to create a platform where gamers, creators, creatives and regular community members can connect, bounce and build ideas and games off and on top of each other and just thrive in a space we can all actively build together.

How does OPGames scale in the future? How does the team grow and get funded?

We’ve actually secured our funding goal for the near future. We’ve partnered with a couple of venture funds who have strong belief in what we’re doing and have decided to help us realize this really huge universe we’re trying to build. Having locked this down, we are already looking for and hiring many different talents to join the team as early as now. The team is expanding and it really is a very exciting time for all of us. If any of you who sees/hears this is interested to share your skills with us, you are more than welcome to shoot the team an email or a Discord message.




Creating competitive community-owned games

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Creating competitive community-owned games

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