Arcadians NFT: Funding the Future of Web 3.0

Rule the Arcade with Arcadians Avatar Battler, a demo game where your mints can battle against not just other Arcadians but also other avatar NFTs.

Arcadians is all about growing the NFT gaming space. Cryptoart is already here, while gaming NFTs are well on their way in carving their spots in the metaverse. Backed by blockchain gaming platform OP Games, we are building a community of gamers and creators to build the future of Web 3.0 instant games and Arcadians is our first big step towards achieving that goal.

With Web 2.0, games are heavily dependent on centralized platforms that extract value. In platforms such as Google Play or Steam, whether you are discovered is heavily dependent on the platforms’ recommendation, relationships and heavy advertising.

Another challenge that’s been a problem faced by many indie game developers is the huge capital needed for game development and publishing. Hundreds of thousands of dollars go to just the development of the games without publishing it, marketing and maintenance of these games.

With emerging trends and technologies like Web 3.0, NFTs, the metaverse, and the focus on community-owned property (DAO), OP Games seeks to help developers build competitive community-owned games so that we reclaim power back to independent game creators and allow games to be built for the public good — and the Arcadians avatar project will be our first step towards doing just that.

With this, we are dedicating 100% of the Arcadians NFT sales into three pillars that we believe will onboard game creators to Web 3.0 at scale:


HTML5 developers are fundamental to how the web evolves. With enough funding from the Arcadians release, we want to create a cohort of game developers and induct them to Web 3.0. More details to be announced soon.


Part of the Arcadian funds will go to open-source engines such as Godot, Phaser, and Defold to give rise to more creators building on top of each other’s projects via game legos.


Partnering with game jam events like JS13KGames and Gamedev.js will be integral in tapping game creators that will help build web 3.0 gaming.



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