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5 min readMay 13, 2022

OP Games has released its whitepaper to the public. Read the full whitepaper here:

Easy on the eyes! The World Paper is full of awesome art by the OP Games art team led by JP Cuison.


Since OP Games released the Arcadians and pledged allegiance to open-source technology and the Web 3 gaming movement, many eyes and ears turned towards the project in interest — curious as to why many big name investors enthusiastically rolled the dice on this team and what the whole thing was really about. Many anticipated the release of the rare and elusive…..whitepaper.

Rick Laig, our Chief Strategy Officer and esteemed employee #1, took on the bulk of the task. And after months of writing, tons of back-and-forth and copious amounts of whiskey, it is now finished.

Arcadia’s The World Paper is out. *cue angelic music*

What actually started happening after the last edit.


First things first, for those unfamiliar, what is a whitepaper?

A whitepaper is a thorough report or guide on a certain subject tied with a proposed solution for handling the problems surrounding the topic. It is meant to educate readers, help them understand an issue and provide them the best, researched information in order to make a decision.

In Web 3, a whitepaper is typically a document released by the founders that explains the technology, philosophy and function of their project. It brings to light how and why the project was conceived and emphasizes its purpose.

OP Games’ whitepaper is a fun, easy-to-read yet comprehensive guide on what OP Games is all about and how we intend to see our vision through. Beyond the technicals and the mechanisms, it is a deep-dive into our philosophy, our principles, our ethos. Going beyond pointing out a problem and presenting a solution, we impart to readers the way we choose to approach things and our attitude towards work — something we feel is just as important if not more important than the work itself.

Our World Paper ain’t just your average, boring document. It’s a work of art!
Here’s some of the sick illustrations you can find in Arcadia’s World Paper.

Fondly named “The World Paper”, this document will forever be the source of truth of a project that aims to bring communities together through something loved all around the world — games. We believe gaming and Web 3 is a match made in heaven. At its core, both are collaborative and gratifying. Together they can be empowering and fulfilling. If done the right way, the unison of the two can be models of how we can reshape the world for all creators and consumers.


Alex Ye from Republic Crypto pointed out in one of our Twitter Spaces on tokenomics that we (those already within the Web 3 space) oftentimes overlook the fact that most modern consumers are “not ready to deal with an infastructure that resembles the internet of the 90’s.” We are so early in the space. There is so much yet to learn and build.

For the most part, things are clunky, in development and usually still-to-be-fleshed-out. We get so caught up on all the wonderful Web 3 features and integrations like NFTs, blockchain, open-source, ownership, etc, that we forget that it’s actually difficult for new people to just simply walk on over from Web 2 into Web 3. We get caught up in the promises and the vision of what it’s supposed to look like.

What does this new era even look like?

It is a challenge in itself to get people to comprehend how exactly their lives can be bettered by this movement. For developers in particular, though the upside to transitioning to Web 3 is real and filled with promise, there are still significant barriers that need to be overcome in order to transition into Web 3.

This is why OP Games created a software development kit (SDK) that functions as “Game Legos” and helps make transitioning into Web 3 much more accessible. These unique pieces of code will be available for developers to build their game upon and put together cool features and integrations like tournaments, leaderboards, blockchain integration and much more.

This is why the OP Games approach is that of inclusivity and collaboration. Albeit slowly, history has proven again and again that the way forward is not through separation but through collaboration. The World Paper was created with the intention to educate and present clearly not just the goals of the company but how we intend to carry out these goals.

There’s so much to wrap your head around when it comes to the new era of gaming. What does Web 3 game development even mean? What does bridging the old way into the new entail? What does a world of Web 3 gaming look like? Arcadia’s The World Paper answers all the questions you would have about why and how we intend to transform the gaming industry — laid out to you in a clear, concise and fun-to-read whitepaper.

We don’t want to give much away but these are some of the things discussed in-depth in the World Paper.


Arcadia is the place that will bring everything and everyone together. Gamers, game creators and communities alike can share fun experiences through our growing list of games and the ever-evolving features of the ecosystem. This is where games with partner developers and games built with OP Games’ SDK will live. This is where your Arcadians NFTs, and in time, other NFTs will party and dance the night away.

Step into a world of limitless gaming and immersive experiences. All Arcadia plans, features and integrations can be found on the World Paper, of course.

We are building towards transitioning forward-thinking developers and gamers into Web 3. Here we can all begin to reap the benefits of the growing and fruitful technologies this environment has to offer. But most importantly, we are here to have fun.

Don’t get it twisted. We’re serving up a buffet of many things but the prevailing flavor is joy and gratification. Nothing gets lost in the sauce — and our main dish is fun. This is why we play. This is the world we want to build with you.

This get you excited yet? Grab your drink of choice (Nick highly recommends whiskey, of course) and Read Arcadia’s The World Paper at