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OP Games
5 min readFeb 12, 2024


Arcadia — the Arcade of the Future

This is Arcadia

Welcome to the arcade of the future, where independent game developers list and monetize games while tapping into the next gaming trends and taking advantage of new technologies and industry developments. Arcadia by OP Games is an online arcade designed for players to play games, compete, and create tournaments. On Arcadia, players gain access to in-game, playable assets in the form of Arcadian NFTs, which evolve and progress as you play, and the chance to win tournament prize pools.

Players simply enter the arcade at No need to sign on or connect a wallet to start playing, anyone can get started. However, to get more out of the platform, participate in tournaments, accumulate XP, and build up a personal profile, players can sign in easily with email or socials via Sequence or Formatic, or connect with Metamask, Coinbase, or Walletconnect.

Arcadia is full of casual arcade games, but it’s not overcrowded! Developers can list new games, test out exciting creations, and see how they are received by players. Think of it like a playground for game developers and a pastime for players. Plus you can experiment with adding new features and web3 functionalities to your games nearly effortlessly using OP’s tooling and game legos.

It’s our playground too! OP Games uses Arcadia to innovate and experiment with new features and fun functionalities. Developers on the platform are the first to know about them and have the option of integration.

Why Crypto?

On Arcadia it’s not about the crypto, it’s about the fun. That’s why anyone can start playing on Arcadia, even before connecting a crypto wallet. But to get the full experience, crypto and blockchain transactions are key. Crypto’s peer-to-peer transactions and valuable prizes lend themselves perfectly to Arcadia’s arcade game model. Check out our deep dive into crypto as the best medium for bringing back the nostalgic arcade of the 90’s in an all-digital, upgraded form.

The Easy Route to Game Launch

So how to join Arcadia as a game developer? It just got easier with the all-new Game Creator feature! Game Creator is a dev console that allows developers to easily launch games to the public on Arcadia. The process is streamlined to provide the quickest and easiest route to launch while ensuring the quality of games on the platform through a quick and painless screening process. Right now, the Game Creator zone is in open beta. We welcome all developers to give it a spin!

Launch Games on Arcadia in 4 Simple Steps

1. Connect Wallet.

To start off, navigate to and connect your wallet. The platform supports Metamask, Coinbase, and WalletConnect as well as social logins through Fortmatic or Sequence.

2. Register as a Game Creator

Click “Game Creator” on the upper menu and follow the prompt requesting an email address. OP Games will only send emails if the team needs to reach you directly.

3. Upload a Game

Once your Arcadia Game Creator profile is approved, you’ll get access to the Game Management area where you can upload games onto Arcadia.

Select your host type, input the game’s metadata and images, and finally upload a zip file of the game build you wish to feature.

4. Get Listed

Once the game is uploaded, it will automatically enter a queue for review. The OP Games team will review the game before making it public on Arcadia.

Game Monetization on Arcadia

Arcadia offers game developers new avenues for game monetization. Games that perform well generate creator royalties, and payments couldn’t be more simple or transparent. For example, if a player chooses to set up a tournament for Game A, the creators of Game A receive a percentage of royalties from the tournament pool. The royalties are distributed directly to the creator’s wallet, and the transactions are all publicly viewable on the blockchain.

OP Games is dedicated to providing opportunities for all developers on the platform to monetize and therefore actively working towards opening new monetization channels for the creators of games of all shapes and sizes on the platform.

Join the Game Creator Beta!

The Game Creator feature is in open beta testing right now, and OP Games is actively seeking developers to try it out and provide feedback. Want to give the all-new developer console a spin?

Go to and connect a wallet to get started!

OP Games is the driving force behind Arcadia, a groundbreaking gaming platform that empowers indie game developers and captivates players with engaging hyper-casual gaming experiences. With its pioneering suite of tools and SDK, known as “game legos,” OP Games enables game developers to seamlessly incorporate web3 elements into their creations.

It doesn’t stop at creating a gaming platform; it’s creating a thriving ecosystem that offers a rewarding competitive experience for players while facilitating a smooth transition into web3 for game developers. At OP Games, we’re ushering in a new era of disruptive games poised to revolutionize the gaming scene.

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