OP Games Strengthens Its Commitment to Developer, Open Source Communities with $300k Donation to Open Source Game Engines

November 11, 2021OPGames, a gaming platform that aims to bridge game developers to web 3, has donated $300k of their Arcadians NFT sales to top open source software Phaser, Defold, Godot, and Blender.

The web’s open source infrastructure is integral to the advancement of web 3 and benefits millions of indie game developers worldwide. With 58.5% of indie game developers making less than $1K for their games, publicly-available software plays a vital role in creating an ecosystem that enables the creation and growth of open source projects. OPGames believes that sending out this donation will go a long way toward expanding the web 3 community.

“We are truly honored to be able to support open-source with the funds raised by our Arcadians community! Open-source game engines are the perfect example of a public good: they are free for anyone to use and safeguards developers from platform lock-in. We hope that this donation will inspire others to support more open-source projects, as they will be foundational in how we break free from the attention economy”, said OPGames CTO and co-founder Paul Gadi.

Game developers are encouraged to use these game engines should they decide to participate in game jams and the OPGames web 3 accelerator happening by the end of 2021. This accelerator aims to induct more game creators to web 3 and onboard them on OP Arcade, the company’s player-facing gateway, which helps users discover HTML5 games, compete for prizes in tournament competitions, and purchase OP NFTs.

OP Arcade is built to be cross-chain, starting with Ethereum and the developer-friendly NEAR Protocol. OP Games has plans to support the creation of 500 games by the end of 2022, nurturing a vibrant community of creators, players and game owners.

For game developers, artists, and designers looking to publish games onto web 3, sign up via this form.

About OPGames

OPGames is an open-source technology company focused on bridging game developers to web3. We aim to be the center of web3 gaming, using radical economics to support our vibrant community of developers, creators, fans, and players.

About Arcadians:

Inspired by the nostalgic feeling of arcade games, the Arcadians are 10,000 generative avatars that are awesome pixel art creations with varying traits and features referencing the games we’ve all loved growing up. Arcadians are game legos: they are composable open-source tools that enable co-creation among game developers.

Follow OPGames for future updates:

Website: opgames.org/

Twitter: twitter.com/OPGames_

Discord: discord.gg/arcadiansnft

Telegram: t.me/outplaygames




Creating competitive community-owned games

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OP Games

OP Games

Creating competitive community-owned games

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