OPGames Partners with Phaser for Arcadians NFT Project

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — Arcadians is all about growing the open-source, Web 3.0 community and what better way to achieve this than to team up with open-source game engines?

Custom Arcadians NFT representing the synergy of our goals

We’re very thrilled to announce that Phaser joins the Arcadians family with their very own custom Arcadians. This represents our shared vision of empowering more game developers to build open-source projects on Web 3.0.

Phaser has been leading the way in desktop and mobile HTML5 game development for while now. It’s a free 2D game framework for making a new generation of addictive browser games.

Phaser is loved by many indie game developers across the globe for its ease of use and flexibility. With this, it was only natural for OPGames to reach out to the Phaser team when we were first working on the Arcadians NFT project. We knew right then and there that teaming up with them would help us reach more indie game creators and be able to help them monetize their games.

ALL proceeds from Arcadians will go into funding developers through an acceleration program and open source game engines like Phaser, Godot, and Defold.

Mint your Arcadians now at Arcadians.io and help us achieve our next funding milestone! Over $500k raised for partner game devs and open source game engines — there’s no stopping from here. Arcadians to the moon! 🚀

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