OPG Community Events for March

The Arcadians march on with a jam-packed month of community events! We’re ramping up our community activities as we continue to iron out our place in the pluriverse. Check out what’s happening in the OPG ecosystem this month of March!

March 3, Thursday, 10pm EST: Community Buff: ETHDenver Wrap Up

where: Discord: https://discord.gg/opgames
who: Paul, Chase & Nick
what: Join the leaders of Arcadia as they share stories and insights from their adventures up in The Castle of ETHDenver. There’s a lot to unpack from their experience at the world’s largest community blockchain event!

March 11, Friday 9am EST: Dev Spotlight: Andrzej

where: Discord: https://discord.gg/opgames
who: Creator of Triska and esteemed Arcadian, Andrzej
what: The spotlight shines on Andrzej, developer of the spacebar-smashing community favorite, Triska. We are stoked to have one of our OG Arcadian community members and Badlucky’s father as the first guest for Dev Spotlight.

March 11–14, starts Friday 10am EST: Game Night 7: Metaverse Alliance

where: Arcadia: https://alpha.outplay.games/
who: Free for all with special guests: the Quest Gamers community!
what: Game Night is back! We’re trying out a new combo of games and linking up with our friends over at Quest Gamers who can get special prizes!

March 17–23: Arcadeum Arena Tourney

where: Arcadia: https://alpha.outplay.games/
who: The entire Arcadia and beyond
what: This will be our first week-long tourney dedicated to Arcadeum Arena! Take your place among the avatar battler’s best players and fight it out for awesome prizes.

Mar 25 : Web 3 Round Table: All the Games We’ve Loved Before

where: Twitter Spaces: https://twitter.com/OPGames_
who: TBA
what: We’re back with our second episode of Web 3 Round Table! Our first go went so well we decided to make this a recurring event! On this episode we talk about our favorite games we’d want to see move into Web 3, what we loved about them and how they would look like in Web 3.

March 28: Dev Spotlight: NFT Rush

where: Discord: https://discord.gg/opgames
who: TBA
what: TBA

Mar 25–28: Game Night 8

where: Arcadia: https://alpha.outplay.games/
who: Free for everyone to play! Tell yo friends!
what: We told you this month was Game Night galore. GN8 caps off our busy month and let’s you blow off some steam via fierce, hyper-casual game competition! We’ve got a surprise lineup of games for this one too.

Come join us this month, everyone is free to participate! We’d love to have you at any or all of our talks, AMA’s and Game Nights. Watch out on news, updates and developments on all these community events and more at our Discord!

Feedback, comments and suggestions are highly encouraged and appreciated as we continue to build out our platform for the community and our growing family of developers and partners.



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