OP Games ETHDenver 2022 Wrap Up

OP Games
3 min readFeb 24, 2022
ETHDenver Blockchain Arcade sponsored by OP Games

ETHDenver is a wrap!

The Castle up in the mountains saw the magic of Web 3 at full swing. A festival of ideas and a celebration of what is truly a brand new world took place in ETHDenver, the biggest community blockchain event on earth.

The affair saw Web 3-flavored podcasts, workshops, livestream presentations, art galleries, technical talks, open source meetups, project exhibitions, hackathons and of course a healthy dose of music, food and parties!

OP Games team hosted game demos and live tournaments for booth attendees. Community POAPs were also given away!

What was up at ETHDenver?

But don’t get it twisted. Amongst the sea of festivities and frivolities, swam a thick, heavy layer of #BUIDling — a shared effort to teach, preach, assimilate and collaborate on the development of the very structures of Web 3 tech. The collective spirit to improve and solve problems was unmistakable and frankly, inspiring to the core. It was thrilling to be a part of.

As a primary sponsor and key contributor to the event, OP Games made its presence felt. Founders Chase and Paul proudly represented the OP Games family.

OP Games CTO and Co-founder, Paul Gadi, at Gitcoin’s Schelling Point.

Paul stood among the top thought leaders of the space as he spoke about “Society If All Games Were Open-Source” over at Schelling Point.

OP Games CEO and Co-founder, Chase Freo, at the ETHDenver Diversity Dinner.

Chase shared the company vision at the special Diversity Dinner and emphasized how OP Games is committed to supporting underrepresented game developers, particularly women, BIPOC and LGBT+ developers, through our game publishing arm called GM Frens.

But above all, it was the subtle interactions and insights shared and gained in between that proved to be most valuable.

Key takeaways to share from the founders

  • There is a much higher demand and expectation on on-chain integrations in games. The world wants to see the utilities of the blockchain at work!
  • There are lots of Web 3 developers trying to break into game development. The Web 3 gaming sector is a true hot-spot in the industry
  • There are tons of people looking for jobs in Web 3! In fact, a sea of applications have come OP Games’ way from ETHDenver.
  • There is so much space in Web 3, if you want to contribute to DAOs there are thousands, if you want jobs in Web3, there are openings everywhere, you just need to look.

As for Denver, the party has ended for now. But the progress and the resources gained from the event live forever for us to stand on and build from.

OP Games paraphernalia were handed out to those that dropped by our interactive booth at the Blockchain Arcade!

If you missed it or would like to take a look and listen back on the recent ETHDenver events, we highly encourage you to browse through the site. There is a MOUNTAIN of knowledge to be gained through the recorded streams.

See them all here.

For Paul’s “Society If All Games Were Open-Source” talk at Schelling point, you can watch it here.

Adios, Denver! See ya next year!