OP Games Donates $300,000 for Game Dev, NFT Communities through Arcadians NFT Sales

We are glad to share that through our genesis NFT project, Arcadians, we have donated USD 300,000 to NFT and gaming communities such as nfDAO, Crypto Pop Art Guild, and JS13KGames.

The funds will go to supporting independent game developers, underprivileged artists, and NFT projects looking to scale. We believe that this donation will go a long way in advancing web 3 adoption among the community.

Sharing part of the donation to philanthropist group nfDAO allows OP Games to reach promising NFT projects to help nfDAO achieve its mission of nurturing the NFT ecosystem by providing funding for quality projects.

Crypto Pop Art Guild (CPAG) is looking to launch its lending program for its artists using the funds received from the donation. This empowers CPAG artists to own their art equipment and maximize their talents without having to worry about finances.

Part of the $300k donation goes to securing the future of Js13KGames, allowing the team behind it to focus on growing the project in the coming months. The donation will also be used for the development of the Js13KGames website, newsletter, and other activities for their game developer community.

By leveraging the power of NFTs and sharing the same vision with its community, OP Games has reinvested its Arcadians earnings into powering web 3. For game developers, artists, and creators looking to know more about this new era of the internet, feel free to reach out to us through this form.

About OP Games

OP Games is an open-source technology company focused on bridging game developers to web3. We aim to be the center of web3 gaming, using radical economics to support our vibrant community of developers, creators, fans, and players.

About Arcadians:

Inspired by the nostalgic feeling of arcade games, the Arcadians are 10,000 generative avatars that are awesome pixel art creations with varying traits and features referencing the games we’ve all loved growing up. Arcadians are game legos: they are composable open-source tools that enable co-creation among game developers.

Follow OP Games for future updates:

Website: https://opgames.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OPGames_

Discord: discord.gg/arcadiansnft

Telegram: https://t.me/outplaygames

Medium: https://opgames.medium.com/




Creating competitive community-owned games

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OP Games

OP Games

Creating competitive community-owned games

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