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4 min readMar 22, 2023

We just came from Eth Denver and we’re feeling higher than the Colorado mountains. OP Games makes its second appearance at the world’s largest Etheruem event through the leadership of CTO & Co-Founder, Paul Gadi.

ETH Denver is the premier gathering of Ethereum developers, innovators, and enthusiasts. Every year, all these beautiful minds and wonderful personalities come together in the high altitudes of Denver to build the future of decentralized applications.

As a company committed to building better games, we were excited to hear about progress being made in several key areas. With the upcoming Arcadians: Reloaded NFT drop sight and the Arcadia platform always top of focus, it was energizing to hear and learn what developments fall in line with what we’re trying to build.

Ability for Interoperability

Interoperability between different blockchains and networks was a major point of discussion this year. The community stressed the need for more seamless integration between blockchains for smoother flow and an elevated experience. Several builders focused on sharing new standards for developers to build new innovations together. The most striking of which is EIP-6551, a standard being proposed to allow NFTs to own other NFTs. This is right down our alley and we are studying it’s applicability for Arcadia.

The Arcadians: Reloaded collection is being built with increased interoperability in mind. We are looking at ways to reduce barriers and increase fun when it comes to gamifying NFTs. It is a challenging process but a fun one. If you’re a game dev or anyone interested in interoperability in this space, make sure to stay tuned and watch out for updates!

ETH Denver reminded us that we are thousands strong in the path to interoperable systems that actually function. There is still ways to go but steps are indeed being made. With so many top minds and talented teams in on the same vision, interoperability is not an if but a when.

NFTs for Days

They say punk’s not dead. Neither are NFTs! Folks at the conference discussed how NFTs could be used for way more than just digital art and collectibles. From gaming to identity verification, NFTs are constantly being pushed for use in clever and innovative ways.

One of the biggest trends right now are ordinals, NFTs built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. This is exciting because we are finally getting NFTs on the biggest, most popular, and to many, most secure blockchain in Bitcoin. But much more than that, this development is a positive development for the space overall as it proves what can be done across different blockchains and furthers the use cases and effectiveness of this technology. It opens up avenues for increased interoperability and more innovation and collaboration across different networks.

Pushing what can be done with NFTs on Arcadia is and will always be a major drive for us. We believe NFTs are indeed the future of gaming, the key to unlocking new ways to enjoy games and to elevate the experience as a whole. This is THE objective for the Arcadians: Reloaded. Watch out for updates on the mint! You won’t want to miss this one.

Sustainability Matters

The environmental implications of blockchain and web3 has always been a hot topic of debate. Many speakers at ETHDenver discussed how to reduce carbon footprint and make blockchain more sustainable. ”Greener” approaches to mining and other mechanisms are beginning to be widely adopted and placed as priority for many projects and companies.

This topic hits us in right in the heartstrings as we have strongly advocated ethical and collaborative building from the very start. Creating a more open and collaborative space definitely contributes to “greener” building as it promotes the use of common systems and forces everyone to be transparent about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

Eth Denver showcased the unwavering enthusiasm and positivity in the crypto space despite all the challenges it faced in the last 12 months. Building continues and things slowly but surely getting better and easier to use.

Things like better UX across apps, improved account recovery and the emergence of technologies like EIP-4337 and account abstraction are great examples. EIP-4337 is a proposal to enable new smart contract features that allow users to pay gas fees in assets other than Ether. This means that users can pay fees using tokens, stablecoins, or any other asset that the network supports, making transactions cheaper, smoother and an easier process overall. Additionally, account abstraction allows users to interact with the blockchain using a single account, regardless of the type of asset they are using. Users will no longer need to create multiple accounts for different assets, making user experience simpler and more seamless.

The adoption of these technologies will make the blockchain more accessible to a wider range of users and accelerate the growth of Web3. Again, there is a lot of work to be done but the future of tech and gaming is in the hands of passionate, intelligent and positive personalities who believe that the things they see in their dreams can indeed be made into reality.

OP Games moves onwards and upwards with the relentless building of Arcadia and the Arcadian NFTs. We continue to trust in ourselves and in the space and take the strides that should bring us closer to our goals. See ya’ll next at San Fran for the Game Developers Conference and NFT San Francisco. Follow our socials below to stay updated!

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