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2 min readApr 10, 2022

APRIL 18–25, 2022

OP Games is on the road again!

Building never stops for the Arcadian team and the next cooperative convention of creation is in Amsterdam. The “Venice of the North” is home to this year’s Devconnect. Devconnect in a nutshell, is a gathering of independent Ethereum events. Sounds cool? That’s ‘cos it is. Kind of like a music festival with different stages based on genre, where the best musicians of each genre play and share their art with enthusiasts of the same type of music. Kind of. Except with Ethereum. And nightclubs and very relaxing “coffee shops” abound.

Beautiful medieval architecture at De Waag

The many events will take place across various venues throughout Amsterdam during the week and are independently hosted by experts in their fields. Attendees will need to pick and choose based on their interests. The objective is to give the opportunity for people to dive deeper and be involved in particular ETH ecosystems they are interested in.

OP Games is in the thick of things yet again as we host the Game Dev Dinner at De Waag. Paul Gadi and Frances Han are leading the charge as we bring game developers and web 3 developers together to build and co-create the open metaverse! Here’s a little alpha too — we’re announcing the start of a new initiative that will give flowers to those in the industry who have produced exemplary work. We hope this becomes the standard of excellence in the years to come. If you’re in the area, come thru! OP Games and the rest of Devconnect would be glad to have you.

What’s cooking? Grab a seat at Game Dev Dinner to find out!

For those interested in attending the Game Dev Dinner hosted by OP Games, find all the info here (RSVP by April 10 6 PM CEST and register via link provided): https://gamedevdinner.eventbrite.com/

For everything Devconnect, visit their website: https://devconnect.org/

Hope to see you there,