On-Chain NPCs Are Around the Corner

OP Games
3 min readJan 12, 2024

The latest game developer tech is about to emerge, marking 2024 as a pivotal year for gaming as OP Games is set to launch tools for devs to introduce on-chain NPCs to games! And it’s not just big publishers and studios that will get access to this brand new infrastructure — OP Games is bringing exciting new integration capabilities to indie devs.

We care about the Indie Devs!

OP Games is rolling out solutions straight to Indie developers! As firm supporters of this highly motivated and talented pool of passionate gaming innovators, we are providing better game development solutions. OP Games is dedicated to providing developers (regardless of where they are in their journey) with better tools, a better launch platform, and yes, better monetization techniques.

On-Chain NPCs — What it all means

Visualization of Bufficorn AI generation

We’ve been spending the last year mixing AI character development with ERC-6551 super-charged NFTs that can own their own wardrobe, skins, and assets, to yield the ultimate characters with unlimited depth and infinite possibilities. Watch your characters take on a life of their own, accruing XP and assets, forming complex relationships with their players, and creating unique dynamics the gaming community has yet to taste.

The Crossroads of AI and Blockchain

OP Games wants to innovate a future for the gaming community that brings everyone’s experience up a level. Devs (especially Indie devs) today feel a gap between the work that goes into games, and the income earned. Players feel price tags are too heavy to make the purchase, and innovation has altogether stagnated as a result. Studios put less invested effort into games, and players expect less. It’s what we call gaming inflation and devaluation. OP Games is here to change that through two methods: 1. Innovation 2. Ownership.


OP Games is at the forefront of research in the gaming sector to provide the most cutting-edge tools to developers of every scale. The new OP NPC tool is set to feature for the first time at ETH Denver 2024. We can’t wait to show off all of our hard work to the world and give developers an amazing new infrastructure to work with!


Part of the gaming inflation and devaluation is a result of an influx of free-to-play sub-par games, alongside huge centralized gaming empires that are taking their generous cuts. This system creates a situation where only the big empires win — players pay more and get less, and game developers see less profits.

OP Games is introducing a community-driven decentralized platform that recycles the value that the community creates to breed gaming sustainability. We are confident that OP’s model will infuse games with a new spark of value that has slowly been eaten away over the past decade.

We’re finally headed forward. With blockchain technology, we can go back to what the true meaning of peer-to-peer interactions and transactions looks like without huge centralized empires to disturb the peace. Sometimes technology creates dystopian realities, sometimes new tech jumps in to save the day and remedy the problems before it’s all too late.

This time, decentralization and blockchain are here to save the day. OP Games has risen up to apply these new infrastructures in much-needed ways within the gaming space.

We invite you to start building and monetizing with us to truly see what we mean 👉 https://gamelegos.typeform.com/to/UU2SPi0E