Level Up or Log Out?

Pros and Cons of Web3 Gaming for Developers

OP Games
4 min readApr 15, 2024

Web3 gaming is the hot new trend, promising ownership, community, and a slice of the pie for players. For developers, this new frontier presents a tantalizing mix of possibilities: the chance to create player-driven economies, explore innovative monetization models, and potentially join a passionate and engaged community.

But is Web3 a gold mine waiting to be tapped, or a speculative gamble riddled with technical hurdles and uncharted territory? Let’s delve deeper and weigh the pros and cons of publishing on Web3 platforms.

Winning the Game: The Pros

True Ownership

Web3 allows players to own in-game assets like characters or items as NFTs. This creates a new revenue stream for developers through sales and potential royalties on future trades.

Community & Engagement

Web3 fosters a sense of community ownership. Players become invested in the game’s success, potentially leading to increased engagement and user-generated content.

Funding & Monetization

Web3 offers alternative funding models — selling game assets or tokens before launch can raise capital. Plus, the play-to-earn model incentivizes players and creates a sustainable economy.

Boss Level Difficulty: The Cons

Tech Stack Shift

Developing for Web3 requires a whole new skillset: blockchain technology, smart contracts, and crypto wallets. It’s a steep learning curve for studios or indie devs used to traditional methods.

Market Fluctuations

The crypto market is volatile. The value of your in-game assets could plummet, frustrating players and damaging your game’s reputation.

Uncertain Regulations

In some regions, Web3 is a legal gray area. Evolving regulations could impact your game’s operation and potentially lead to costly rework.

The Indie Dev’s Dream: Why Web3 Makes Perfect Sense

Being a Web3 developer means embracing a new philosophy. It’s about creating player-driven economies and fostering communities, not just selling finished products.

For indie game developers, the transition to Web3 might be the ultimate power move. Web3 drives you to create player-driven experiences and escape the limitations of traditional distribution models. It’s a world where passionate players become co-creators, invested in your game’s success and directly contributing to its growth.

Here are some crucial things to remember:

  • Community Focus: Web3 development is about building with your players, not just for them. Be prepared for active feedback and collaboration.
  • Transparency is Key: With blockchain technology, everything is public. Be open about your development process and in-game economies to build trust.
  • Embrace the Wild West: Web3 is a rapidly evolving space. Be prepared to learn, adapt, and potentially rewrite the rules as you go.

So, Should You Publish on Web3?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Web3 offers exciting opportunities, but it comes with technical challenges and a dose of uncertainty. Carefully weigh the pros and cons, and make sure your team has the skills to navigate this new frontier. If you’re up for the challenge, Web3 could be the level up your game needs.

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