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What we discovered in Consensus, VeeCon, and NFT NYC

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5 min readJul 19, 2022
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Even though Web3’s primarily an online movement, its influence still reflects offline. In fact, there are several Web3 events that occur IRL in various parts of the world! Core members of OP Games have attended these events to gain more knowledge and share their own expertise with others; to name some, Consensus, VeeCon, and NFT NYC.

First off, let’s tackle the important question — what’s there to talk about in these Web3 events especially when it’s the bear market or even the figurative crypto winter? Well, despite these circumstances, many leaders within the space are keeping at it and going towards one direction: building and developing the technology.

Consistent Advancements

As mentioned earlier, team members of OP Games took away key points from fellow attendees in the several events. A lot of things learnt were affirming that we are headed towards the right direction. For example, many of the teams in Consensus 2022 were now building the technology to support the roadmaps and ICOs from their initial NFT launches. They’re figuring out a way to create the infrastructure needed for long-term and sustainable projects within Web3 as relayed to us by Austin, OP Games’ head of Investor Relations.


OP Games is continuing to improve our products whether it’s enhancing Arcadia’s features, adding more titles to our arsenal of instant games, or even brainstorming new use-cases that will benefit our community in the long run. Furthermore, we constantly provide opportunities to developers looking to enter the Web3 space and to make a more diverse and robust ecosystem.

“Even if it’s a bear market, or bull market, people are still going to want to play games. And I think that is a really neat aspect about our project that we’ve been game centric, been game developer centric since day one. So, it wasn’t like a huge shift in focus for us where I think a lot of other projects can’t say the same thing,” Austin stated.

Secured Fundamentals

Even during the bear market, some investors are bullish! Although crypto is down bad, certain investors see this as a chance to see more worthwhile projects that are working through the times.

Working through the times.

“In terms of bullishness, coming from some of these investors, in a way think that the bear market leads out the builders and those that are not in the sense that it’s also a good time to deploy capital, just because valuations are lower for some of these companies, but also, only those who are brazen enough, would seek sort of like funding during a bear market. Others would have just folded others who have just like, oh well, we’re not too serious about the project anyway,” states Chase, our CEO and Co-Founder regarding his experience with investors in Consensus and NFT NYC.

This means that more quality teams are currently developing, building, and improving throughout the bear market as it won’t stop them from creating the products for the space. OP Games is one of the companies that are doing just that! Also, it’s not the first time OP Games has handled three bear markets and we’ve kept growing then too.

Public Sentiments

Of course, one concern is possibly the lack of support from people. With financial gains being at an all time low, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see people pause from participating in Web3 or pull out all together. However; from Carlo’s, our head of Marketing, perspective: there is a solid number of people still within the space and even hyped about it.

While at Consensus, VeeCon, and NFT NYC, our team observed that those who truly believe in the future of Web3 and contribute to reaching its full potential are still there! There were even a ton of meet ups for communities and side events run by projects during the events, showing there is still a loyal populace to Web3.

With this in mind, OP Games is also working on user acquisition and better community building. There are a number of passionate Web3 enthusiasts that we can tap and it’s just a matter of reaching the right people.

Arcadians navigating together!

As Carlo said, “there’s just so much that we have down the pipeline in terms of plans, and there have been a lot of learnings and how to maneuver and how to build in a time like this. And I think the product team and the marketing team and everyone on the OP Games team is pretty much cognizant of the environment and we’re navigating it together. We have a lot of great plans up ahead. But ultimately, we have no plans of slowing down. In fact, we’re trying to look at ways on how we can accelerate and provide more value to our community.”

High Conviction

Lastly, any team regardless if they’re doing DeFi, NFTs, or other related blockchain projects, they need to hold a tremendous amount of determination to power through this crypto market. How a team navigates through these times will ultimately reflect how their project survives and even thrive.

“It’s that level of conviction. But at the same time, it’s having that level of self-awareness, and organizational awareness and product awareness, marketing awareness, and having that capability to try to navigate and see where it is and what we can do to get better and be better,” Carlo comments about surviving the bear market.

OP Games is cultivating both our products and mental toughness as we build. Keeping in mind the environment and constantly discussing how to best serve the community, developers, and the Web3 space in general.

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