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3 min readMar 25, 2022


What makes a game a community favorite?

Well, there isn’t just one single thing. It’s a variety of ingredients rolled into one meatball of gaming goodness that makes the base recipe.

Playability, simplicity, fun-factor, context and community support — these are some constituents for a community favorite knock-out. But beyond that, there’s that secret sauce, an intangible factor that makes everything click. A lot of times you can’t really put your finger on it. The magic is just….there. One thing’s for sure, Triska Reloaded has got the recipe AND that secret sauce to go along with it.


The game plays like a good ol’ hypercasual — lightweight, easy to play, addictively fun with a minimalist user interface. Controls come down to a single key — the space bar. Use this key to control Badlucky (the name of the cat) as she jumps left and right between two walls, picking up power ups and dodging nasty spikes as she goes. The objective is simple: get the cat as far up as possible.

Simple enough. Cute enough. Fun enough. But something about how this game is loved by the community says it’s got something more than just “enough”. Let’s jump into the background of the game for a better understanding.

Avoid Cat-astrophe by dodging the spikes!


The origin of Triska Reloaded begins back in 2014. It was born from an initiative to support the game jams of Js13kGames. The competition restricted developers to a 13-kilobyte zipped limit. Andrzej, the budding developer behind the game, thought it would be fun to incorporate the number 13 somehow and ended up naming his creation “Triskaidekaphobia”, which means the fear of the number 13. With its clever name, the game promoted the competition itself — a game jam that brought devs together to build and give their talents a go in an inclusive platform.

In that sense, it is fitting that a friend who was also a participant of the competition, got together with Andrzej to code the version of Triska we all know today. Andrzej also works with his wife, Ewa, who is the artist of Enclave Games. Talk about a talented couple! The team behind Triska plans to build a second version, again with Phaser, continuing to utilize this open-source gaming engine to add extra features to a game that the community has grown to love.


The development of Triska is a significant highlight along the journey of game creator and esteemed Arcadians community member, Andrzej Mazur. He realized his passion in games, changed focus and leaped from front end development to game building. With the emergence of Web 3, he looked to capitalize on this technology for its many offerings towards public good. These include collaboration, ownership and community.

For Triska Reloaded, community has been the light that steers the ship. The OP Games family welcomed the game with open arms and fell in (and out) of love with that damn cat. Yep, it’s a complicated relationship! As a staple in the Arcadia platform and a must-play at Game Night tournaments, Triska has given the community a game to gather around and not only love, but help build.

What makes Triska special is its place and time within a platform and a period of technology that allows creators and community to work together towards a shared view of the world.

That must be its secret sauce. That and the fact that it’s just pretty damn fun.

Find out yourself and play it right meow: