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4 min readJul 1, 2022

The NFT world is always in a rush — for better or for worse. Whatever you call yourself in this wacky and exciting space — whether it’s developer, degen, regen, discord architect, mod, speculator, coder, artist, whale, flounder, founder, what have you — chances are, you’re always in a rush.

It’s a rush to create, a rush to mint, a rush to get on the Discord, a rush to get whitelisted, a rush to get sneak peaks out, a rush to get the contract ready, a rush to come up with the traits, a rush to load your wallet up, a rush to get news out, a rush to tweet, a rush to see the tweet, a rush to retweet the tweet. You get the idea.

And even if you’re one of the few taking your time, it just feels like everyone else around you is in a mad scuffle and you can’t help but get the feeling you gotta go get into it, whatever it may be. In any case, if you’re not rushing, you sure as hell aren’t twiddling your thumbs and lazing about. This is how it has been for the greater part of the recent NFT boom. IYKYK.

Again, IYKYK.

This peculiar characteristic of the NFT world is what prompted game devs, Vishwas and Shanu to create their first game on Arcadia, aptly named, NFT Rush.

Super simple gameplay.

NFT Rush is a hypercasual runner game wherein players race to beat each other to the finish line using the all-governing power up to their advantage. The power up? GAS, of course. What else, right? As we all know, gas is needed to get things done in the NFT world and expedite transactions. Sure, other chains will have something to say about that. But the overwhelming chunk of the NFT explosion has seen its rise on the Ethereum blockchain with all its hefty gas fees.

NFT Rush is a game that pokes fun at the situation.

Take your spot amongst other NFT-heads. Sh*t is about to go down.

Vishwas and Shanu of Codemire Games have been working together for over 3 years now. Vishwas took up Computer Science Engineering and is now a Game Designer and NFT artist. Shanu’s background is in IT and programming. She loves to do all the tech stuff. After creating a game on Diwali that surprisingly did very well, the duo decided that creating games that people loved and brought communities together was something they wanted to pursue. A few of their games have been featured on the Apple App Store top 10 charts.

Around a year ago, Vish came into the NFT world, created his first NFT and sold it in just 9 days. After that, the duo decided they should make a game related to NFTs. They met up with Frances of GM Frens and shared the idea of NFT Rush — a game about the gas sitch.

“So gas is all about the fees. The whole idea is about the way we speed up transactions by paying more gas. So we thought like, okay, this could be fun, if we just make people collect gas and then they can actually spend it to reach somewhere in the least amount of time. So this is how it all started.” — Vish

Collecting gas allows you to expedite your run and jump over the cold, watery depths of a slow or worse — failed transaction.

And that’s how NFT Rush came to be. The game is fun and very appealing to those who enjoy the runner-type sub-genre of games. Popular runners include Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Crash Bandicoot: On the Run just to name a few.

What can we expect from NFT Rush moving forward? Who knows! Do the creators stop building when ETH 2.0 rolls out promising little to no gas fees? Maybe! Personally I’d like to see them drop more stages and levels and maybe incorporate more NFT/crypto references just for kicks. The game is easy to like — I wish there was more of it.

Right now NFT Rush sits pretty on Arcadia as one of the more popular games enjoyed by the community for its simplicity and amusing character. NFT integration is still in the works but the plan is you’ll be able to run with your NFT displayed on your head-screen. Yes, your character on NFT Rush has a screen for a head. Why? I really don’t know why. But it looks outrageous. Just like gas fees.

So what are you waiting for, play the game on Arcadia today!


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