Dev Spotlight: The Trailblazer

Another awesome game developer has joined forces with OP Games to bring more instant games to Arcadia!

Dev Spotlight with Jim of HappyLander Poster

Meet Jim of HappyLander, he’s a veteran game developer of 30 years. From working on Acorn Electron to the Commodore Amiga, and eventually the worldwide web with flash games which turned into HTML5 games.

Lights Out And Away We Go

Inspired by one his favorite games: Skidmarks on Amiga, Jim created Blaze Racing! The newest addition to Arcadia which has the community literally on the edges of their seats while getting through the track for the highest score. Blaze Racing plays as a simple top-down racer with realistic physics, allowing players to drift and veer around the corners of the track which happens to be over a cliff with lava underneath. Talk about an adrenaline rush.

Furthermore, Jim isn’t just stopping at the base game, he plans to keep on building up the Blaze Racing concept. Right now, users are able to integrate their NFTs which in turn determines the stats of their cars. There may be a future where players will be able to race on a track against one another!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Although Jim has been in game development for a long while, he’s still fairly new to Web3 and exploring everything it has to offer. Working with OP Games, has allowed Jim to freely develop Blaze Racing to his liking while the team would ensure it’s compatibility with Arcadia.

OP Games is at the forefront of creating competitive community-owned games

Communications with the OP Games team went smoothly as Jim was constantly informed of any technical changes or feedback from the Discord community. A key benefit of being on Web3 is being able to openly collaborate with a games’ player base as much of Web3 is community driven.

Constant Learning in Web3

As a game developer, Jim wasn’t aware that there were any differences between Web2 and Web3 before. However, he’s found that there’s always something new in Web3. Jim is coding as he learns about what the space has to offer and enjoys the process.

“From my point of view as an external game dev, I look at the tools/APIs available and try to build the best experience I can. The code and tools then evolve and allow for more complex integration. I can see from my experience working with OP Games that they are working hard on moving things forward so it will be exciting to see the next steps!” Jim mentioned when asked about working in Web3.

Many More to Come

Despite working on different projects, Jim has already delivered exciting titles to OP Games which we’re optimizing for Arcadia. A hint dropped during the Dev Spotlight is that one of them is football related as the Women’s Euro Football Cup is coming up.

It’s exciting to see where Jim’s Web3 journey will lead him to and what games he’ll churn out with us!

Arcadia and it’s many titles!

About OP Games

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Creating competitive community-owned games

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