Dev Spotlight: The Arcadian Builders

Dev Spotlight with the Arcadian Builders!

As OP Games continues to build and innovate Arcadia; a metaverse arcade home to a variety of instant games optimized for Web3, the Arcadian NFTs play an important role in the development of this ecosystem. As of now, there are two titles wherein Arcadians are at the forefront of the games: Arcadeum Arena and Arcadian Memory.

These games present two different gameplays for the community to enjoy. Arcadeum Arena, AA as fondly called, is an auto-chess battler where players can use their Arcadians to fight against one another in a team battle. Here, the core classes of Assassins, Fighters, Gunners, Wizards, and Techs (or Mechanics) offer various opportunities of teamplay along with the regular game patches that switch up the meta on the board!

Arcadeum Arena gameplay

Meanwhile, Arcadeum Memory tests the players’ cognitive prowess with a simple concentration card game mechanic. The board is composed of multiple hidden cards with Arcadians and players have to pair up the same Arcadians all the while keeping their clicks at the minimum and their times short.

Arcadeum Memory gameplay

Developing the Arcadians Games

The creation of the two Arcadian games was quite unalike from one another as they were made by different teams. AA was produced by OP Games with the help of Altitude Games, spearheaded by our project manager, JG. The original idea for AA was to create a PVP arena where the Arcadians NFTs can shine so the prototype was a turn-based 3v3. However upon further development, the game was better as an auto-chess battler. Today, Arcadeum Arena introduces 5v5 battles plus the team with Altitude still continues to refine it for a more fulfilling gaming experience.

On the other hand, Arcadeum Memory is a fairly new addition to Arcadia. As it’s developed recently, our Game Integration Developer, Gabriel, had the chance to utilize the updated OP Games SDK and new Sandbox which aims to make it easier to integrate games into Arcadia. Gabriel’s experience proved that the constant building the team makes is slowly bridging the gap between Web3 and developers.

Evolving the Gameplay

One of the most enticing parts of Web3 to developers, especially game developers, is the direct connection to their communities. As the space allows players to directly support their favorite creators, their voices are also more heard when it comes to developing the game for the future.

This is a fact, especially for the case of the Arcadia games.

AA has constantly progressed with the help of player feedback from the Arcadia community who play, win, and potentially earn from their participation. From improved character pathings to recalibrating Arcadian role strength and skills, the comments from players are helping shape AA become a better game.

For the case of Arcadeum Memory, Gabriel is excited to see the players enjoying the game and reporting bugs that might have been missed. In a way, the community acts as beta testers for new titles and ensures that it performs to the best of its ability.

“So there’s people from all over the world playing our games as soon as they’re released. And that’s something crazy for a developer. We don’t usually get the chance to have that kind of number of people playing our games when we are devs, or even small studios. But here at OP we have a huge community, eager to play our new games and also eager to report bugs and everything and that’s really really useful and helpful for the game development process,” Gabriel stated.

Looking to the Next Development

In terms of new developments for AA, Jay mentioned that brand new skills are being tested for the Arcadians such as an acid skill and equippable passive skills. Additionally, cooldowns on skills in general are being refined. While doing all this, Jay and Altitude are making sure to balance the game so that the gameplay isn’t skewed towards one class or ability.

For Gabriel, he’s working with OP Games to create more games in a variety of genres. As a little bit of a spoiler, the Arcadians will soon enter games similar to Enter the Gungeon and Vampire Survivors mentions Gabriel.

Look forward to future developments on these two games and Arcadia!

About OP Games

OP Games is building a platform and toolbox that provides a rewarding competitive experience for players, and an easy transition into Web3 for game developers. With Arcadia and our Game Legos at hand, we are ushering in a new wave of disruptive games that we believe will truly shake up the scene. Developers, creators, fans, and players can all find a home at OP Games and we strive to continue providing an inclusive space for everyone. Through our platform, tools, and next level player economy, everyone can find something that’s for them at OP Games.

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