Dev Spotlight 2: The Tale of Two Devs

Dev Spotlight #2 Poster

NFT Rush is the latest addition to Arcadia, a casual game wherein a character runs in a race against bots but with a Web 3 twist! Gas cans are scattered throughout the track and the runner, a character which can display the players’ NFT, can collect them to run faster. This game was created by developers Shanu Joshi and Vishwas Bhushan.

At the Starting Line

The two have worked together for over three years, mostly on game creation despite having different backgrounds. Vishwas was originally a community manager but shifted into coding games as he studied computer science engineering. He always had a fascination with games so it was the natural next step to start creating his own games for Vishwas.

Meanwhile, Shanu completed her studies in engineering and information technology. She had a love for coding and all things tech which was why she did app development for about 2 and a half years before getting into game creation.

The pair then created their first game for Flutter which was developed within a short timeframe but got thousands of downloads. After getting a taste of success within game development, Vishwas and Shanu continued on the path especially during the height of COVID when they began to make more hyper casual games. Some of their creations were even featured on the Apple App Store’s top 10 charts. The positive reviews drove them to produce more games on code.

With the Community’s Push

Eleven months ago, Vishwas found himself joining the NFT community and getting to know the Web 3 space better. He started off as an NFT artist and sold his artwork everywhere he could within the space.

“They [Vishwas’ friends] just share my art and they just shill my art on other platforms, on other threads,” Vishwas said regarding how his art was able to sell and spread in Web 3. This led to him forming a solid community of both his friends and supporters. Vishwas realized that this type of community centeredness can propel creatives to further success in Web 3.

Inspired by the family-like relations in Web 3, Vishwas decided to create games which communities can play and also help grow together. Shanu followed into Web 3 at a later date but immediately felt at home within the community and agreed with Vishwas’ vision of a community gaming ecosystem.

In the Middle of the Race

As Web 3 was so empowering and positive for the two developers, they envisioned creating a family or similar relationship for their community by utilizing games that they make. Vishwas and Shanu aim to connect creators, collectors, and gamers together to have an ecosystem that can self-support deployed games.

NFT Rush Gameplay

With this, they launched their first Web 3 game: NFT Rush. The game was highly motivated by how Web 3 works. As the gameplay was modeled Web 3 transactions since it takes some time for them to be completed but also sped up by paying more gas. That’s why the runner character also speeds up when getting more gas cans.

Working together with OP Games, Vishwas and Shanu put up NFT Rush on Arcadia, the online arcade by OP Games. Together, they optimized the game for Web 3 and even got it played during Game Night 8!

For the Long Marathon

Itsuki NFT

However, Shanu and Vishwas are just getting started in their Web 3 journey. They have more plans to create games and are even releasing their own NFT collection, Itsuki NFT. For sure that these two developers will continue to produce great work for the community.

Keep up with these awesome devs here:

Vishwas: Twitter

Shanu: Twitter

Since Dev Spotlight 2 also tackled Arcadia integration, a separate article will tackle that topic!

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