Community Buff: Arcadia Patches

OP Games
3 min readJan 31, 2022

A community town hall hosted last January 29th which tackled updates on Arcadia AKA the OP Arcade and Arcadeum Arena (AA)

Over the past couple of weeks, the team worked hard to push out a number of updates including:

  • Platform improvements both on backend and frontend to improve overall gaming experience
  • Faster onboarding of games in Arcadia
  • Preparing for the upcoming Game Night on February 5th with one new game in the pipeline
  • Arcadeum Arena soon to be payable in Arcadia!

In the following update we will go into each of these features and also discuss what you can expect as we further refine these features.

Arcadia (Formerly OP Arcade)

As we close in on the relaunch of Game Night this February 5th, the team has been tirelessly at work on the platform to give you a funner and smoother Game Night experience. Most work is being done on the backend, such as game support and bug fixes. We are also launching a new game on the platform!

A couple of months back, we had an MVP but we are getting closer to reaching production level. There is nowa wallet log-in feature and some games will be able to pull NFTs into the game. We are also bringing in at least one new game in time for Game Night. It’s 3D unlike the rest of the existing games in Arcadia which are javascript-based and in 2D.

The main challenge we faced was expediting the onboarding of games. It has then started to speed up and we have been able to do it in about a day — a huge improvement and will further improve in the future. If you are a game developer and want to get started on Web 3, now is the time to add in your game in Arcadia. You may reach out to us on Twitter or on Discord.

Also, we have improvements on the leaderboards showing the current board and one combining all historical scores. It’s not visible in alpha yet, but we will merge it to the live platform as we inch closer to February 5th.

Here is a sneak peek to the newest game we’ve added on the platform, Robot Vacuum Wars!

Collect the most coins and dirt or knock out all enemies in the room. May the best robot vacuum win!

Arcadeum Arena (Formerly Avatar Battler)

A lot is being worked on with Arcadeum Arena as we push for our avatar battler to be playable in Arcadia very soon.

First off, we’ve partnered with Altitude Games, mobile and blockchain game studio founded in 2014. We believe that their experience in casual games, blockchain games (Battle Racers), and having a distinct art style would help push Arcadeum Arena to expand the game to greater heights.

We are also bringing v1 of AA to Arcadia. We are updating the current build while Altitude is planning for v2. Players can expect improvements on wallet, leaderboard, and tournament support as well as UI updates on the cards and removing redundant screens.

The team is also working on balancing classes and adding leftover skills. Bugs were also taken care of. Keep an eye out for a possible test tournament using the latest v1 build!

Down the line, the Arena will have a bigger space to battle. We are switching to wider arenas for v2 as it works better than vertical. Overall, we are exploring different iterations that work better with how the Arcadians are designed.

That’s it for the latest updates. Catch you all in the Arcadia Game Night happening on February 5th!