Building a Better Arcadia: 2023 Product Updates and Beyond

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5 min readFeb 7, 2023


It’s a new year in Arcadia and the team is out to get things done and shift into high gear. So far we’ve hit the ground running, having warmed up the sneakers from a busy and fruitful 2022. Last year we were consistent with a capital C, pushing updates on all fronts from aesthetics to smart contract details, platform features and more. We’ve set the foundation and lit up the stage on!

We’re running into the new year like.

This year we crank it up a notch and take the next step forward. The team has their sights set on enhancing player experience, fostering community, boosting game development and improving systems for collaboration with game developers.

First up, let’s talk about some of the major updates and soon-to-be’s on the platform.

Coupon Code Redemption: The coupon code redemption flow is now in place, making it easier for sponsors, creators, and even the Arcadia team to offer dope giveaways and rewards to players. This year is all about partnerships, and we’re excited to see what kind of tasty opportunities arise from this feature.

A Fresh Look: The homepage at has undergone a facelift and is looking sleek as ever, thanks to the talented UX/UI team led by Christian Sng and Yuolmae Ang. The goal is to improve new user onboarding and the overall look and feel of the platform.

Free Play Tournaments + Prize Money: Tournaments are a huge part of our gaming experience and we’re thrilled to announce the ability to now host free to play tournaments with prize money up for grabs (via smart contract distribution). The game tile will now show if a game has an award or giveaway attached, so be on the lookout for those opportunities to play free and win big. Watch out for more tourney features to come. Share your suggestions on our Discord if you have any!

Polygon Mainnet Migrations: A giant milestone back in November 2022 was our move to Polygon Mainnet and we continue to migrate our features to the promised land. We tested our marketplace late last year and we are bringing it back soon in a big way. You can also expect Discord integration in-game, a feature allowing players to invite friends and share a challenge, and last but not least, our first multiplayer game that we can’t wait to unveil!

Paving the Path for Game Devs: A huge part of Arcadia is working with game devs to bring their game to light and share with the community for everyone to enjoy and in many cases, help improve. We are constantly working on features and tools for collaboration and building. The path for developers to create and get their game on Arcadia is consistently being paved and we are itching to work with other talents to build Arcadia the way it was intended to be built — with the community, for the community.

*R****A** *2 D***: Alright, alright, even with this we’ve already said too much. Just know we’re cooking up something BIG and it’s gonna rock the entire Arcadian experience. That’s all you get for now. Gotta stay connected if you want the alpha on this. ;)

Rain or shine, this is what we do!

Those are the broader, user-facing updates but we are constantly working on kinks and details that make the entire platform more seamless and enjoyable for both gamers and game creators. We are making Arcadia better day by day and we are happy to get into the nitty gritty deets and share some updates on the recent production deployment, care of our newly promoted Lead Full-Stack/Web3 Developer, Venkatesh Rajendran.

  • Authentication Upgrades: A new authentication system has been implemented to enhance user experience, replacing AWS Cognito. The switch has significantly reduced pesky cache issues on the website enhancing user experience further!
  • Tournament Smart Contract with Access Controls: Security and speed are top priorities, so we’ve added access controls to our tournament smart contracts to process prize disbursements quickly and securely.
  • Sentry Integration: User experience is very important to us and we’re always working on eliminating bugs across the platform. We’ve integrated a Sentry logging tool to quickly address any issues that arise and keep the platform sailing smooth as a baby’s bottom.
  • Speedy Game APIs: We love working with passionate game developers, and we’ve now made the process easier with our new set of APIs designed to speed up the onboarding of games into Arcadia. With this, we hope to see lots of new games onboarded in the near future!
  • Fair Play Detection and User Ban: We endorse fair play and want everyone to have an equal chance to participate in the tournaments to win prizes. We are now putting more effort into cracking down on players who don’t play by the rules. We will investigate all scenarios and roll out the ban hammer for violations.

We are working really hard on many features to sweeten user experience and smoothen out the process of working with game developers and getting more of these awesome games on Arcadia. Stay tuned, it won’t be long before the next update.

Yep, that’s a load of features, bug fixes and improvements but it’s only the beginning! We’re doubling down on our partnerships with communities, both established and new, and looking forward to exciting collaborations and events throughout the year. Soon, the new profile page will keep track of gameplay, inventory, and badges, allowing you to show off your skills and progression. We’re looking forward to working with more game developers and putting a lot of energy into the work that makes this possible. And of course, we’re working hard to bring you more fresh content, new games, and exciting tournament formats.

It’s gonna get a lot more fun on Arcadia, you can be sure of that! The entire team is in the lab together, working to make it all happen. All hands on deck as we push for our vision of Arcadia, the future of gaming. Join us and take part! We can always use more players, devs and community members. Every voice is heard in Arcadia. With our focus on player experience, community building, and game development, the sky’s the limit for what we can achieve together.

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