Arcadians: Reloaded

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Arcadians: Reloaded

Arcadia has always been a main priority of OP Games. From the pre-mint of our genesis collection in November 2021 until today, we are building. Features that were not available last year, are now developed and applied to the site. Additionally, we’ve added many new hyper-casual titles to the gaming roster.

And as OP Games continues to scale the product Arcadia, itself. We are also preparing to grow our playerbase for a robust gaming ecosystem.

This is where the Arcadians: Reloaded come in.

Values and Virtues

One of the key features of Arcadia is it’s optimization for Web 3. This doesn’t only mean integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or crypto payouts. Arcadia has that and more!

The vast world of Arcadia

OP Games recognizes how blockchain plays an integral role in the future of gaming. This is why we build by it’s core tenets such as decentralization, transparency, trust, and security. We advocate for players to have full ownership of their in-game assets. Allowing them to take part in peer-to-peer transactions. And trust that their data is secure. These are at the heart of Arcadia’s continuous development.

Pillars to set us free from Centralization

It’s also why the team has put emphasis on the great role of our community members. Without our community, we could not have gone as far as we have. The Genesis Arcadians enabled us to raise $300,000+ USD to donate to Open Source Engines. Plus, our players also give us feedback for our partner developers to improve on!

With all that said, we’re bringing the Arcadians: Reloaded to life to give new breath to the community.

Locked and Loaded

Arcadians: Reloaded is the next evolution of the Arcadia ecosystem. The next iteration of our playable game avatar. This time, we’re launching on the Polygon Network (MATIC) to avoid the high gas and transaction fees of Ethereum (ETH).

With the development of minting technologies, we’re making the Reloaded Arcadian customizable. Allowing NFT enthusiasts to further connect with their avatars! And as we’re also a game developer, we included a mint game that will help determine your NFT’s traits and rarity.

We’re calling it “Hanging By A Thread”. It presents our key narrator and overall guide of Arcadia, The Sage. It’s designed to be quite simple yet increasing in difficulty over the time. Hint for minters, the more levels you get through, the more traits and higher rarity traits you can possibly mint.

Hanging by a Thread demo (WIP)

These Arcadian avatars are a player’s representative in the world of Arcadia. The team has innovated the platform with experience gaining quests and prize-winning challenges. All effecting the growth and progress of your NFT.

Genesis Arcadian NFTs

Of course, our Genesis holders aren’t forgotten. For the Arcadians: Reloaded mint, our OGs have the pleasure of being priority minters! Enabling them to mint before the rest of the community. Each Genesis Arcadian they hold is also equivalent to a Mint Pass they can use. Another exciting detail is that the Arcadia team is working on gear drops for Reloaded Arcadians based on owned Genesis NFT traits. Exclusive bonuses such game content, multipliers, and private tournaments will be available too! Plus, the OG status which can’t be bought.

Primed and Ready

Arcadia — A Web3 gaming metaverse built by gamers for gamers

As we open the gates to Arcadia for a bigger playerbase, we’re evolving it as well. Aside from the developments already mentioned, the OP Games team is creating a new title with Arcadian NFT integration.

Presenting: Arcadian Survivor.

Arcadian Survivor Demo Gameplay

A casual, rouge-like game that transports players into Arcadia’s battlefield. Battle the countless mobs inching towards your Arcadian. And the longer you stay on the battlefield, the harder the foes become! Power-ups and other equipment are also available throughout the stages and during level ups, catering to different play-styles and strategies.

Furthermore, the challenge and quest system will also provide new rewards for players. Rewards such as cosmetics or equipment for your Arcadian NFT to boost its value. Plus, gear will play a role in your gameplay within Arcadia. These add to a more personalized gaming experience for the player.

And as mentioned earlier, we now have a guide figure within Arcadia. Our Sage is the keeper of the Arcadian Archives and lore master of the world. Yep, you heard it right! We’re implementing lore elements to Arcadia, bringing life to the IP and opening opportunities for world building. The We highly encourage our community members to actively contribute to the lore as well!

There’s so much more exciting possibilities to discover! As OP Games has not slowed down on building Arcadia and will continue to innovate it!

So what are you waiting for? Register for the Arcadians: Reloaded Mint now!

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