Arcadeum Arena Community Updates June 2022

5v5 Battles!

Skill Cooldown Rework!

Balancing Updates

Arcadian Rarity Is Coming…

  • Arcadian parts have individual rarity, and these parts will determine an Arcadian’s overall rarity
  • Overall rarity, along with the Arcadian’s class, determine the unit’s stats
  • Epic or Legendary parts can add bonus to certain base stats, indicated by teal “(+X)”
  • Common-tier stats for all classes is what the current game has now

New Customization Screen

Battle BG Visual Upgrades

Triple A Cup

  • 5 rounds
  • 24hrs per round
  • Points rewarded to top 10 per round
  • 24hr break after each round
  • Points will be added up after each round and announced by the team
  • Most points at the end of 5 rounds is crowned champion
  • Top 10 overall get prizes



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