Arcadeum Arena Community Updates June 2022

5v5 Battles!

Yes, you read that right: we’re bringing 5v5 to Arcadeum Arena! We found extra space for 1 more Arcadian hidden in one of those bagel-shaped pocket meta-multiverses where everything happens all at once.

Skill Cooldown Rework!

After much playtesting (and watching all skills trigger at the same time) we decided to overhaul how skill cooldown works. Instead of skills cooling down over time, they now require UNIT ACTIONS to charge up. TL;DR: your unit has to attack or receive damage to charge their skills. We think this will be a huge factor when deciding which unit to put in front — they might get the brunt of the damage, but they get to charge their skills faster.

Balancing Updates

Because of these changes, we have to review all the stats and skills to make sure nothing’s too OP or crazy in battle. There will be a separate post for patch notes before the next Game Night once everything’s finalized so stay tuned!

Arcadian Rarity Is Coming…

…To a separate app! We mentioned this as a work in progress months ago and we’re still being very careful with it, but to show a peek inside the inner workings of this much-requested feature, we updated the old Arcadian Animation demo app to include Rarity, Parts, and Stats data. This is a crucial addition in the future, and we’re looking forward to your feedback!

  • Overall rarity, along with the Arcadian’s class, determine the unit’s stats
  • Epic or Legendary parts can add bonus to certain base stats, indicated by teal “(+X)”
  • Common-tier stats for all classes is what the current game has now

New Customization Screen

Battle BG Visual Upgrades

Our awesome artists are busy improving existing backgrounds, adding more details, props, and even particle effects and animation! These are just some of the improvements we’re including in the next build.

Triple A Cup

What better way to roll out all these new builds than a good ‘ol Arcadeum Arena tournament? This next one is a special one. If you love the thrill of competition, we’re cooking up something new for you this Monday. AA is following a spicy, different format for the next tournament and you’re all invited to be a part of history! Now, introducing…..

  • 24hrs per round
  • Points rewarded to top 10 per round
  • 24hr break after each round
  • Points will be added up after each round and announced by the team
  • Most points at the end of 5 rounds is crowned champion
  • Top 10 overall get prizes



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