Arcadeum Arena Community Updates June 2022

It’s already June! Where did the time go? It’s summertime up north (according to Google; I don’t live there) and we’re bringing some BURNING HOT news from Arcadeum Arena. So sit back, grab a cold drink (or a hot one, we don’t judge here) and keep scrolling! — JG

5v5 Battles!

5v5 will immediately change how you strategize, from which extra unit to bring to where you place them. We made some UI adjustments too, including Squad Select, Results screen, and Battle History. We’re excited with this change and we can’t wait to watch your 5v5 replays!

Skill Cooldown Rework!

Balancing Updates

Arcadian Rarity Is Coming…

So what exactly is happening here? Let’s recap:

  • Arcadian parts have individual rarity, and these parts will determine an Arcadian’s overall rarity
  • Overall rarity, along with the Arcadian’s class, determine the unit’s stats
  • Epic or Legendary parts can add bonus to certain base stats, indicated by teal “(+X)”
  • Common-tier stats for all classes is what the current game has now

“Please note that nothing is for certain. We are testing and evaluating if these features are the right fit.”

New Customization Screen

We want to add a little spice to your battles, so we’re introducing Emote Stickers that you can equip and display at certain points in a battle. Wanna laugh at your rival when you win? Equip the “LOL” emote. Wanna beg for mercy when you lose? Then get the “Puppy Eyes” emote!

Want more? We’ll be adding more customization content — including awesome AA-inspired stickers — once [redacted] goes live!

Battle BG Visual Upgrades

We have some new ideas in various stages of development and we can’t wait to reveal some of them soon. Passive skills? New tourney modes? Upgradeable skills? More customization options? PVE Challenge mode? Who knows! But we’ll wrap up our builds update for now. Let’s get to the action and share with you what we’re doing for the next Arcadeum Arena tournament!

Triple A Cup

The first ever Arcadeum Arena Alpha Cup
a.k.a The TRIPLE A CUP

Here’s what you need to know:


  • 5 rounds
  • 24hrs per round
  • Points rewarded to top 10 per round
  • 24hr break after each round
  • Points will be added up after each round and announced by the team
  • Most points at the end of 5 rounds is crowned champion
  • Top 10 overall get prizes


Mon, June 20, 2022 9:00 PM: Competition Begins
Tues, June 28, 2022 9:00 PM: 5th and Final Round
Wed, June 29, 2022 9:00 PM: Crowning of Champ

10-Day Schedule:
Mon: Round 1
Tues: break/standings update
Wed: R2
Thurs: break/update
Fri: R3
Sat: break/update
Sun: R4
Mon: break/update
Tues: R5
Wed: Official standings and crowning of Champion

*each round is 24hrs long starting 9pm GMT+8/9am ET. Another 24hrs in between rounds allotted for the break and scores/standings update.

POINT SYSTEM(awarded per round)

1st: 25
2nd: 18
3rd: 15
4th: 12
5th: 10
6th: 8
7th: 6
8th: 4
9th: 2
10th: 1


1st: 150
2nd: 100
3rd: 75
4th: 50
5th: 25
6th-10th: 10
50 to a lottery (random) winner that plays on all days.

Total prize pool: 500.
*prizes for top 10 OVERALL (after all rounds), not per round.
All participants of the Triple A Cup 1 can claim a very special POAP.

That’s all for this month’s Arcadeum Arena Community Updates! Building continues as always. We can’t wait to see you all on Arcadia for this Monday’s tournament. Hop on our Discord for all the news and info on the first ever Triple A Cup.

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