Arcadeum Arena Community Updates July 2022

June came by just like that and suddenly we’re already a few weeks into the second half of the year! A lot has happened last month so let’s do a recap of what went down:


We saw some interesting trend across skill usage as well: while most classes have a pretty even usage between their skills A and B, a couple of classes have noticeably imbalanced skill usage. This is something to consider as we continue to balance these Arcadians and their skills.

Another interesting data is the number of new users joining the cup begins to decrease as we go deeper into the tournament. Because of this, we’re reviewing how the scores are distributed per round (plus adding some twists!) so people who joined late can still have a fighting chance to get on the podium by end of the cup. You’ll see the details of the next tournament at the end of this article.


New batch of skills!

We’ll discuss these new skills in detail in a separate blog. Stay tuned!

New customization options!

On-hover tooltips!

Game polish stuff!

Look at that 2nd GIF. Does it remind you of something?

Bug fixes!


Arcadeum Arena Alpha Tournament 5

And so we’re bringing back the OG Arcadeum Arena series of tournaments with AA5. We will continue with this tournament title as the staple of Arcadeum Arena similar to how UFC does it: UFC 127, UFC 128, UFC 129 and so on. We will continue to test and evolve new formats with the community until we get THE tournament system of Arcadeum Arena. That will be the staple as we create other fun and different cups and competitions around it.

Now let’s get to the tourney coming up! AA5 is following a very similar format from the previous Triple A Cup with a few tweaks and changes. The most notable ones are:

  1. Prizes per round (for podium finishers) — now each individual round is not just a battle for points but prize money as well! That’s more wins and just rewards for excellent play.
  2. Top 20 — points scored now extend to the top 20 players of each round and prizes will go to the overall top 20 as well. Again, more wins across the board and tighter competition as players jostle for position across the leaderboards!
  3. FIRE ROUND — we have shifted to 3 round from the previous 5 rounds of last tournament but we are introducing the Fire Round for the 3rd and final round. This round raises the stakes and gives out more points to the top 5. We hope this gives an easier chance for those within reach to possibly come from behind and overtake their rivals in the standings.

Of course, Arcadians NFT holders get a multiplier too! Again, we are testing and evolving tournament formats and mechanics with the community as we build and develop the game and platform. Please continue to share your feedback and suggestions! We appreciate them very much.

Full tournament details are shared below. For constant updates, hop on over to our Discord. Try the game and get some practice runs in on Arcadia.



  • 3 Round tourney
  • 24hrs, 25 tries per round
  • prize winnings per round for Top 3
  • points scored for Top 20 per round
  • Prizes for Overall Top 20
  • 3rd round FIRE ROUND (higher points for top 5)

Round 1: Fri-Sat, July 22–23, 9pm GMT+8
Round 2: Sun-Mon, July 24–25, 9pm GMT+8
Round 3: Tues-Wed, July 26–27, 9pm GMT+8

Point system (+ fire round)
1st: 35 (55)
2nd: 28 (43)
3rd: 22 (33)
4th: 18 (25)
5th: 15 (20)
6th: 12
7th: 10
8th: 8
9th: 6
10th: 4
11th-15th: 2
16th-20th: 1

Prize distribution (usdc)
Prizes for Overall Standings:
1st: 100
2nd: 70
3rd: 50
4th: 30
5th: 25
6th-10th: 15
11th-15th: 10
16th-20th: 5
random participant: 25

Prizes per Round (no Arcadians multiplier):
1st: 25
2nd: 15
3rd: 10

Total: 600

Arcadians Holders: 1.5x multiplier (only for top 10 finishers overall)

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