Who Are OP Games? We started our blockchain adventure in 2017. Our founders and startup team are all veterans of the gaming industry and experienced Web 2 developers, at the forefront of in-browser and mobile gaming. Today we have grown into a cross-cultural decentralized team that spans multiple countries and timezones, with builders in both Web 2 and Web 3. Our earliest blockchain project was the Arcadians NFTs that could be used across games, and be bought, sold, and traded by players in a standalone crypto wallet. It was an idea far ahead of its time. This idea evolved into the “Game Legos” that are one of the core elements of Arcadia’s developer toolset. As one of our core beliefs in OP Games is interoperability and open source, Game Legos are essentially different blocks that can be used to build upon. Whether it’s to create more games or NFT projects, that’s what Game Legos are. We want to move the industry forward and are focused on creating tools for indie game developers to come on the journey into Web 3 with us. Developers bring their existing Web 2 games, or make new games from scratch, and we bring tools to bridge them into the Web 3 space using our platform technology.